David Cranstoun Welch, Director, Writer, Producer and Editor

David shot, produced and directed two low-budget digital features in New Zealand, including the acid western “High Water Rising”, before relocating to New York City.  He directed his first short at 12, and completed his first feature, the cinéma vérité road musical “Park Drive Mild Blues” at age of 15. He recently completed  his first feature-length documentary “The Book of Conrad”, which screened at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, in Greece (ranked as one of the world's top 5 documentary film festivals). Recent screening include Switzerland's Zurich Institute of Arts, and The Norse Litteraturfestival in Lillehammer, Norway. David is currently developing the screenplay “Shangri-La” and the feature-length documentary "How Forests Think", inspired by the best-selling ethnography of the same name. 

David has written for various publications, including the UK’s Record Collector Magazine, Perfect Sound Forever, CMJ and New York’s Jewish Voice. He also served as feature writer and Assistant Editor for the New Zealand Film Technician’s Guild magazine, “NZ Techo”, covering stories that dealt with such issues as gender inequality and drug abuse in the New Zealand film industry. He has directed numerous short films, including “Blind In One Ear”, which was screened at the Wellington Fringe Film Festival. He also directed and edited a series of magazine-style television shows for New Zealand’s Mainland Television.  He currently serves as the head of marketing for Newark-baed special education company, ONEder.

High Water Rising, 2003 (segments) 1 hr, 28mins