Flix Magazine Review of The Book of Conrad

Praise for The Book of Conrad by Flix (Greece), who describe the film as a "queer gospel", and a “unique [and powerful] experience”. The film is “a liberating encounter with a rare mind, somewhere between a favorite aunt and envoy of Elvis on Earth… spreading his hands in every corner of alternative culture... and if those hands have nails painted with glitter, even better.” Click here to read more.

"The Book of Conrad" official selection for 2016 Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

Delinquent Films are proud to announce that "The Book of Conrad" will be part of the official selection in the 2016 Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival this March, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Regularly cited as one of the world's "top 10" documentary festivals, the festival focuses on "filmmakers with unique cinematic voices [and] documentaries that explore... social and cultural developments [throughout] the world". This year the focus of the festival is on the lives of significant artists, including the legendary documentarian, Claude Lanzmann. To find out more about the festival, go to the Thessaloniki Film Festival website.